Friday, April 22, 2016

President's First Landed Fin of the Year

24.5" Custom Jigs & Spin Glow Demon with a minnow
I had one on about the same size as this the night before, but the hook came out before I could land it.  Seeing as how I got it with live bait it doesn't count as an entry for the Grand Championship.
It didn't quite wreck my Demon
They have been biting pretty good on Platte Lake the last couple of days.

Here is beauty that the guy wouldn't throw back because he believes it is against the law to do so.  It's against the law to throw back a dead bowfin.  Releasing them alive is just fine.  I tried to tell the guy that, but he started to argue with me.  So I backed off on trying to get him to release it.

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