Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dave Maas 1st Two Fins of the Year

I think it's a fin.

Yep, it's a bowfin!
About 27" Caught on a Custom Jigs and Spins Glow Demon with a stickleback minnow at about 2:30AM on April 29th at Sullivan Lake 
On the next night I had to two dogfish on, but due to the difficultly of landing them on rip rap I only got 1 of the two in.  I actually had my claw grippers on the first fish a couple of times, but as soon as I touched him, it went berserk.  I ended up breaking that fish off.  It was slightly bigger than the one I did catch on the 30th.
Dogfish Selfie

23" on a Glow Demon and crappie minnow
Stripped the glow right off of the Glow Demon
Seeing as how they were caught with live bait, these bowfin aren't eligible for this years Grand Championship.

The warm weather is definitely getting the bow wow's active.  This first weekend in May just may be your best shot at getting a Grand Championship winning fish.

Please remember to release your bowfin alive so someone else can enjoy the fight.