Friday, July 15, 2016

A Beautiful Fin

This fish was caught during a high school bass tournament  on Clearwater Lake.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Bowfin Barry Wins His 1st MBC Grand Championship Title

Barry Mowers caught his 26" bowfin on Leech Lake on Memorial Day on a brown River2Sea Yabbie to win this years title.

The only other person to register a doggy this year was Chuck Steinbauer with a 24.5".  I think he told me he got it on Platte Lake.

Next year the tournament is going to run from ice out through the full month of June.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sport Smith With a Hefty Barker

Sport was fishing in a bass tournament when he got this fin on a wacky rigged worm.  No measurement so it doesn't count for the Derby.

Speaking of the Grand Championship Tournament.  Today is the last day to catch a bowfin.  I am putting off the notification deadline until Friday.  Get your catches into me ASAP at

Friday, April 22, 2016

President's First Landed Fin of the Year

24.5" Custom Jigs & Spin Glow Demon with a minnow
I had one on about the same size as this the night before, but the hook came out before I could land it.  Seeing as how I got it with live bait it doesn't count as an entry for the Grand Championship.
It didn't quite wreck my Demon
They have been biting pretty good on Platte Lake the last couple of days.

Here is beauty that the guy wouldn't throw back because he believes it is against the law to do so.  It's against the law to throw back a dead bowfin.  Releasing them alive is just fine.  I tried to tell the guy that, but he started to argue with me.  So I backed off on trying to get him to release it.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

MBC Grand Championship Tournament Rules

ELIGIBILITY- Anyone catching a Bowfin in the State of Minnesota including Border Waters.

SPECIES - Only Bowfin (Dogfish) caught in Minnesota waters are used for determining the season's Grand Champion.

TOURNAMENT HOURS/SEASON - All hours from ice-out through June 15 each year are open for competition.

TOURNAMENT WATERS- All MN bodies of water with a population of bowfin are eligible from their individual date of ice out.

LIVE RELEASE - All fish must be returned to the water alive and unharmed after measuring.

FISHING METHOD - Only artificial lures may be used to take fish.

OTHER SPECIES - Any other fish caught, which is not in season, must be returned to the water immediately. It is expected that MBC members and tournament participants will within reason try to minimize the odds of catching fish that are not yet in their open season.

MEASURING FISH - Fish must be measured with the mouth (closed) to the tip of the tail.

REGISTRATION - Send your name, the length of the fish, the date caught, and the lure used to
Optional: Include body of water caught from.

Registration must be in before midnight on June 15th of each year.

GRAND CHAMPION - The longest fish reported before June 16th determines the overall Grand Champion.

LEADING FISH- In an effort to encourage reporting of bowfin catches the length of the leading fish will NOT be communicated until the tournament is over.

Past MBC Grand Champions with winning fish length since Club founding in 1999:

1999 Ken Fields 25"
2000 Chuck Fields 23.75"
2001 Guy Henkensiefken 23"
2002 Dean Sauer & Tom Swanson (tie) 26.5"
2003 Dan Quinn 31"
2004 Dave Maas 30"
2005 Alan Steinbauer 28.5"
2006 Dave Maas 30"
2007 Chuck Steinbauer 26.5"
2008 Dennis Lothspeich 26"
2009 Scot Zeidler 26.5"
2010 Chuck Fields 28"
2011 Dennis Lothspeich 27.75"
2012 Nick Jacob 25"
2013 Adam Henkensiefken 24.5"
2014 Joe Torbert 30"
2015 Chuck Steinbauer 26"